Body contouring surgery

Many patients seek advice regarding excess skin and body contouring procedures after weight loss.

Many patients are extraordinarily successful in their efforts to lose weight, but they are frequently unaware of the consequences this weight loss may have. Generalised “deflation” after weight loss, with excess overhanging skin is uncomfortable, can be unsightly and may be associated with complications including infections and irritation.

The answer may include body contouring procedures such as Abdominoplasty/tummy-tuck, Breast reduction/lift, Brachioplasty/arm reduction and thigh lifts. These procedures can restore body image, improve comfort and rejuvenate lives after successful weight loss.

Please note, that under NO circumstances will Dr Campbell-Lloyd or LOSA facilitate access to your superannuation to pay for surgery after weight loss. Please understand that should you wish to access your superannuation to pay for surgery, this is necessarily conditional upon meeting strict criteria, and this must be independently arranged by you.

Whilst there are some Medicare item numbers associated with post-bariatric surgery, they are very limited and cover only a minor proportion of your costs, even if you have private insurance. The item numbers are important to consider as they will (in some cases) cover hospital admission and theatre costs associated with your surgery. It is always important to check your level of cover with your health fund.

Please download the below document to view pricing and associated item numbers.

NB: Breast reduction and breast lift pricing is under the Aesthetic Breast Surgery menu.

Body Contouring Procedures including Post-Bariatric Body Contouring Surgery Gold Coast.
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