Aesthetic Breast Surgery, Breast Implant Revision & Fat transfer

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Dr Campbell-Lloyd offers a number of advanced aesthetic breast surgery techniques, including fat transfer to the breast (also referred to as fat grafting, or lipofilling). Dr Campbell-Lloyd has special interests in helping patients who require breast implant revision surgery to correct previous cosmetic procedures, and in providing natural alternatives for women who choose to have their breast implants removed.

Dr Campbell-Lloyd’s extensive reconstructive experience is invaluable to ensure the best outcomes for patients with anatomical variations, and for patients seeking Breast Implant Revision on the Gold Coast.

Aesthetic breast surgery can help women with asymmetry or congenital differences, as well as women who have suffered complications after previous surgery (including ruptured breast implants, capsular contracture and malposition). For before & after images, see @drcampbelllloyd on Instagram

We see patients for a range of conditions, including:

  • Breast augmentation, including “natural” implant-free techniques
  • Breast lift/ mastopexy
  • Breast implant revision surgery
    • breast implant removal or “explant” surgery
    • total capsulectomy and “en-bloc” removal
    • and implant replacement
  • Breast reduction
  • “Tuberous” breast and other congenital asymmetries
  • Fat transfer to the breast (for revision procedures, primary enlargement and hybrid augmentation procedures)

Some of these procedures are covered by health insurance, but Medicare introduced a number of changes which came into effect from November 1 2018. We see many women for second opinions who have been given inaccurate information regarding the applicability of item numbers.

This can be a complex area to navigate, and most patients will require a minimum of 2 consultations prior to any procedures being performed.

Please see our Plastic Surgery costs page for details on pricing. Where item numbers may apply, we have included approximate out-of-pocket costs for both insured and uninsured patients. The use of item numbers will be dependent on assessment of the individual case.

A consultation with Dr Campbell-Lloyd would be required to determine the procedure suitable to the individual. Individual quotes will then be provided after consultation.


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Gold Coast

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