Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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Breast Reconstruction surgery is at the heart of Dr Campbell-Lloyd’s practise at LOSA. Dr Campbell-Lloyd is one of the very few surgeons in Queensland with the necessary training and experience to claim to be an expert in DIEP flap surgery, which is widely acknowledged to be the gold-standard in breast reconstruction.

For women who have experienced breast cancer, whether they have had a mastectomy or breast conserving treatment, there are a range of options to discuss. Some women choose to “go flat”, other women opt for rebuilding a breast using an implant or their own tissue. Some women are able to modify the breast to disguise the effects of cancer removal and radiotherapy. These are complex discussions which require time to allow for questions, and to ensure that whatever choice is made is the right choice for each patient. Dr Campbell-Lloyd is an internationally experienced breast reconstruction surgeon offering all forms of breast reconstruction including fat grafting.

 Dr Campbell-Lloyd has written a number of articles which discuss the pros and cons of various aspects of breast reconstruction.

We offer breast reconstruction using your health fund’s “known GAP” scheme**. This includes DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator) flap reconstruction. This would not be possible without the extensive experience Dr Campbell-Lloyd has, which allows this procedure to be performed efficiently, and reliably. Dr Campbell-Lloyd often performs DIEP flap surgery with a colleague to further improve efficiency, and therefore safety. Most DIEP flaps will take between 5 and 8 hours.

Fat grafting to the breast is a frequently performed procedure in breast reconstruction, and there may be additional costs associated with this. Unfortunately, at this time there are no item numbers associated with fat grafting, although this is currently under review. However other item numbers may be used to ensure at least partial coverage when fat grafting is performed in association with other revisions including implant exchange, nipple reconstruction, flap modifications and breast reduction procedures (for symmetry). Please contact us for more information.

It is best to check your level of cover with your health fund. Below are some item numbers that are frequently used and which may apply to you – these can be quoted to your health fund to check whether you would be covered for certain procedures.

Please note that we are aware of some patients who are being incorrectly advised by their health funds that they will not be covered for DIEP flap breast reconstruction under “Bronze” tier policies. According to advice we have received from the Department of Health, DIEP flap breast reconstruction is covered under Bronze tiers. We recommend that all patients contact their health funds prior to consultation.

Tissue expander and implant reconstruction: (covered under “bronze” level private health insurance policies)
45539  |  45542  |  45527  |  45553  |  45554

DIEP flap reconstruction: 
45504  |  45505  |  45570  |  30405  |  45565
45562  |  45569  |  45554  |  48406  |  45564

Removal of breast implants/”explant” surgery: (covered under “silver” level policies)

**also referred to as “Access gap schemes”. Some health funds do not offer the known GAP scheme. In these cases larger out of pocket fees will be incurred.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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