Hand Surgery

Most hand surgery results from injuries sustained in the workplace or playing sports.

Hand injuries can be complex, and nearly all hand injuries require post-operative rehabilitation and hand therapy to ensure the best outcomes. We tell our patients frequently that even with a technically perfect operation, without hand therapy patients will not achieve a satisfactory result.

Hand surgery performed by Dr Campbell-Lloyd includes the treatment of fractures of the bones of the hand, tendon injuries, nerve and artery injuries and soft tissue injuries requiring reconstruction. With extensive experience as a hand surgeon, Dr Campbell-Lloyd is happy to treat any privately insured or Workcover (including QLD and NSW workcover) patients. We accept referrals for hand injuries from GPs, private emergency departments and hand therapists.

Dr Campbell-Lloyd also treats elective hand conditions including Dupuytren’s contractures, trigger fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic problems.

You may or may not have had surgery on your hand to treat your problem before. It is not uncommon to have multiple procedures for the same problem in the hand. If you have had surgery before it is best to bring any information along with you to your appointment with Dr Campbell-Lloyd.

During your consultation Dr Campbell-Lloyd will:

  • Assess your hand.
  • Discuss and educate you regarding your condition.
  • Discuss the options for surgery, and the necessary hand therapy.
  • Explain the amount of time required off work, and the total length of your rehabilitation.
    • for tendon injuries, you will not be able to use your hand normally for between 8-12 weeks, and you will often require ongoing hand therapy after that time to regain full function.
    • most fractures are healed by 4 weeks.
    • nerve injuries may be slow to recover after reconstruction and this is dependent on the nerve, the level/location and the mechanism of the injury.
  • Outline any associated costs of surgery.
  • Consent you for surgery.

At the end of your consultation you will be able to book a date for your surgery. All necessary hospital paperwork will be discussed at this time.

Your procedure will most likely be day surgery;

  • You will be in recovery for about 1.5 hours.
  • You will be given some post-operative instructions to follow.
    – These instructions will explain how to care for your wounds and when your next appointment with the nurse will be.
    – You may have a plaster or splint on your hand: the instruction sheet will explain how to care for all dressings.
  • Once the hospital staff are happy with your recovery you will be discharged.
    – You will be required to have someone pick you up from hospital and stay the night with you after a general anaesthetic or sedation.
    – Hospital policies state you cannot take a taxi home by yourself after surgery.

After you leave hospital;

  • You must elevate your hand.
  • You may not be able to use your hand normally.
  • The prospect of returning to work straight away may not be a viable one. Dr Campbell-Lloyd will discuss when to return to work, dependant on your job.
  • You will be given a time for a post-operative appointment:
    – At this appointment your hand will be assessed and your dressings changed.
  •  In most cases you will require hand therapy after your surgery
    – This involves splinting, specific exercises and movements, compression and massage.
  • It is best to check with your car insurance company if you are able to drive during your recovery period. If you require splintage or have limited hand movements you may not be covered for individual or third party costs in the event of an accident.

All hand procedures performed by Dr Campbell-Lloyd (both traumatic and elective) are treated under your health fund’s “known GAP” scheme**. The GAP for this surgery is usually $500. It’s best to check your level of cover with your health fund.

Traumatic conditions are incredibly diverse, and are typically referred from private emergency departments. We will check your coverage for reconstructive surgery after trauma with your fund and the private hospital where you will be treated, prior to any procedure.

Below are some common elective hand surgery procedures and the likely item numbers associated with these:

Dupuytren’s contracture
46375  |  46384  |  46381

Carpal tunnel surgery
39331 | 46339


**Please note: some health funds do not offer the known GAP scheme. In these cases larger out of pocket fees will be incurred.

Hand Surgery
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