Plastic Surgery fees*

(Prices are indicative only. All patients require personalised quotations following consultation. Prices do not include anaesthetic, hospital and prosthesis costs. To view these other associated costs please visit the specific area on this website to download our pricing information.)

Please note that where procedures are covered by your health insurance, hospital costs and prostheses are also covered. Where procedures covered by your health insurance are not charged according to the “known GAP” schemes, the surgeon’s fee for that procedure will be partially covered and you will still receive a rebate (with a corresponding reduction in your total out of pocket costs). There may be out of pocket charges associated with your anaesthetic. We will ensure you are provided with as much information as possible when preparing any estimate of your plastic surgery fees, and we will provide the contact details for your anaesthetist to ensure you are able to discuss any additional costs with them prior to any planned procedure.

Reconstructive & Aesthetic Breast Surgery


Breast reconstruction with DIEP: health fund known gap**
Breast reconstruction with implant: health fund known gap**
Fat transfer/lipofilling to the breast (reconstructive): from $1,500 – $3,500*** (if in conjunction with other procedures, dependent on volume of transfer)
Removal of (cosmetic) breast implants/explant surgery +/- capsulectomy (may be covered by insurance):

(please note en-bloc capsulectomy will attract higher surgical fees due to duration of surgery)

from $2,990-3,990*



Removal of breast implants + capsulectomy (may be covered by insurance) + mastopexy: $6,790*
Revision surgery with neopocket + replacement of breast implants: $4,790*
Revision surgery with neopocket + replacement of breast implants + mastopexy: $8,990*
Cosmetic Breast augmentation with autologous fat transfer/lipofilling: $5,190*
“Hybrid” Breast augmentation with implant + autologous fat transfer: $5,990*
Breast lift (Mastopexy): $4,790*
Breast augmentation with Breast lift (Augmentation-Mastopexy): $7,990*
Breast reduction (may be covered by insurance): $5,990*

Face & Body Surgery


Cosmetic upper blepharoplasty: $2,700*
Abdominoplasty (part may be covered by insurance): $4,990-$9990*
Brachioplasty: $4,990-$6,590*

* The surgeon’s fees do not include anaesthetic fees, hospital fees, prostheses or garments. All prices shown are exclusive of GST. Prices are dependant on time and complexity of each patient. The fees listed are an estimate only. The surgeon has the right to amend these fees at any time based on individual circumstances.

**Please note: Some health funds refer to “known gap” arrangements as “Access gap” schemes. Some health funds do not offer “known gap” schemes. In these cases larger out of pocket fees will be incurred.

***Lipofilling in the context of reconstructive breast surgery does NOT attract an item number and therefore is not covered by Private Health insurance. Whilst we do our best to minimise the out of pocket costs for women with breast cancer, there will be fees associated with lipofilling in all cases. Where the lipofilling is performed in conjunction with other item number-bearing procedures, there will be at least partial coverage of surgical and hospital costs. Where lipofilling is performed in isolation, the out of pocket costs will be higher. 


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